Per Lindström reciever of the Jussi Björling Society’s Prize 2019

At the annual meeting for the Jussi Björling Society on 2 February 2019 in Borlänge, the board announced that this year’s prize of 60,000 SEK will be awarded to young tenor Per Lindström. Statement of reasons:

“The tenor sphere provides a strong temptation for many prospective male singers. Few feel however from the beginning comfortable with the heavy demands for range, equalisation, tone quality, brilliance and beauty of the tenor repertoire. Few are, so to speak, born with the so called tenoral gift. This is something one has to acquire in due time with the goal of one’s dream in sight.

Per Lindström, from beautiful Härnösand in Ångermanland, has gone in for singing since 2012. The impression one gets is that Per feels well at home in the otherwise often outspokenly risky tenor repertoire, which he now without excuses embarks upon. The fact is that it is too seldom you can be quite sure of that you has a fully developable tenor voice in front of you when a talent introduces himself at an audition or some other situation where the singer gets a chance to make his voice heard. However, Per Lindström deviates from the usual rule of doubt. He possesses a self-evident closeness to his voice field, where he with assiduous courage strives towards the big challenges.

Per Lindström receives the Prize of the Jussi Björling Society for 2019, for his determined and dedicated art of singing and sonorous voice. For his great scenical ability and his relaxed but brave focus towards the Tenor Parnassus.”

Inscription on the vase he will also be awarded: “The Jussi Björling Societys Prize 2019 to Per Lindström, for determined and dedicated art of singing. For beauty of tone in the tenor field.”

Bengt Krantz
Chairman of The Jussi Björling Society 

Translation: Göran Forsling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             





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