Singer polls

ELEVEN POLLS where the greatest singers were ranked are listed below, presenting the five top names of each. The polls were carried out in fairly recent years by magazines, newspapers and radio stations in various countries.

This survey gives an impressive proof of Jussi Björling's strong position in the world of music.


Celebration Radio (New York, USA)

December 1996 (program by Don Goldberg)

Greatest Singers of the Century:

1) Jussi Björling 2) Enrico Caruso 3) Maria Callas 4) Joan Sutherland 
5) Renata Tebaldi 

Classic FM (United Kingdom)

December 1996

Favorite Post-War Opera Singers:

1) Jussi Björling 2) Maria Callas 3) Plácido Domingo 4) Tito Gobbi 5) Joan Sutherland 

WMNR Radio (Connecticut, USA)

December 1997 (program by Don Goldberg)

Greatest Singers of the Century:

1) Jussi Björling 2) Maria Callas, Marilyn Horne 3) Enrico Caruso, Zinka Milanov, Joan Sutherland 

Göteborgsposten (Gothenburg, Sweden)

May 1999

Greatest Swedish Opera Singers:

1) Jussi Björling (49 % of the votes) 2) Birgit Nilsson 3) Nicolai Gedda 
4) Jenny Lind 5) Gösta Winbergh 

Classic CD (United Kingdom)

June 1999

Top Singers of the Century (Critics' Poll):

1) Jussi Björling 2) Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau 3) Kirsten Flagstad 4) Tito Gobbi 5) Maria Callas 

Classic CD (United Kingdom)

December 1999

Top Singers of the Century (Readers' Poll):

1) Maria Callas 2) Jussi Björling 3) Plácido Domingo 4) Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau 5) Enrico Caruso 

Radio Universidad de Santiago de Chile

April 2000 (program "La Opera Entre Amigos" by Alfred Velazco).

Tenors of the Century:

1) Jussi Björling 2) Enrico Caruso 3) Beniamino Gigli 4) Franco Corelli 
5) Aureliano Pertile 

Opéra International (France)

October 2000.

Favorite Post-War Tenors:

1) Alfredo Kraus 2) Plácido Domingo 3) Jussi Björling 4) Luciano Pavarotti 5) Carlo Bergonzi 

Classic FM (United Kingdom)

January 2001

Tenors of the Century:

1) Jussi Björling 2) Plácido Domingo 3) Luciano Pavarotti 4) Enrico Caruso 5) Andrea Bocelli 

Opera Fanatic, radio program (USA)

Spring 2001

Favorite Tenors of the Century:

1) Franco Corelli 2) Jussi Björling 3) Enrico Caruso 4) Beniamino Gigli 5) Jon Vickers

Operamante, radio program (Argentina)

June 2001

Favorite Tenors :

1) Jussi Björling 2) Enrico Caruso 3) Plácido Domingo 4) Alfredo Kraus 


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